Integrative Baby Therapy

Crying, sleeping and feeding difficulties, colic, bonding, listening to baby’s story

Individual Consultation

Awareness, healing process, self-discovery, personal growth

Pregnancy Yoga

Body awareness, relaxation, strength, flexibility, breath, baby

Birth Preparation

Information, practical tools, informed decisions, conscious preparation

For physical, emotional, and mental health of giving birth and getting born.

For you if you…

  • Are expecting a child
  • Have difficulties getting pregnant
  • Gave birth recently or some years ago and would like to process your experience.

Your pregnancy and birth can be a possibility to heal and grow if we let the process unfold. The perinatal period (pregnancy, birth and postpartum) is a profound transition on all levels — for body, soul and psyche. All your systems become more open and sensitive, making space for the transformation to take place. As all transitional periods, it is also a deeply challenging process and an opportunity for personal growth and healing. Your old patterns move out of their balanced state and a new equilibrium is about to be born. Several questions, doubts or fears may come up, crucial issues may be touched and triggered as natural part of your transitional process. Facing and working with these surfacing issues, it can become a healing journey where also old wounds can be touched and healed in a deeply sensitive and exceptionally open mental state.

You can read more about pregnancy and birth as an important period of transition in my paper, Childbirth as Initiation.