I am a Hungarian psychologist, doula and pregnancy yoga teacher, living and working in Amsterdam since 2011.portre2

Already during my university studies of clinical and health psychology, my attention turned towards pregnancy and birth – both from the mother’s and the baby’s perspective (perinatal psychology). Since then I’ve been learning and exploring this area, supporting several different aspects and layers of this manifold process:

I have researched and wrote my thesis on Childbirth as Initiation.

I am training and working in the field of perinatal psychotherapy taking part in the mentorship program of the Perinatus Foundation, and at the Kheiron Centre for Transpersonal Psychology and Education to heal prenatal, birth and bonding trauma in group therapy setting, called Birth and Rebirth.

I have trained as a doula in Budapest (Békés Dúlakör) and Amsterdam (JJ Doula), and had the honor to be present and support several births in both hospital and home settings.
In 2012 I assisted in the organization of the Human Rights in Childbirth conference.

In 2013 I completed a pregnancy yoga teacher training at Mudra school and done my internship with Lillith Turk (Active Health Centre).
I learned Wateryoga from Erica Muller (Oerbron) and do my training in Watsu (water-shiatsu).

Currently I’m teaching ongoing pregnancy yoga classes and birth preparation at Thrive studio, and opened my practice to…

  • educate, empower and encourage women and couples to prepare and give birth in awareness, making informed decisions,
  • facilitate the healing process by self reflection and -exploration,
  • prevent and heal prenatal, birth and bonding trauma.

Find my CV here.