~ Understanding and healing the roots of our relationships and bonding. ~

Friday evening lecture and a weekend workshop by Kati Orosz, Hungarian clinical psychologist and perinatal psychotherapist about the psychological foundations of our attachment, bonding and relationships, its roots in our earliest experiences.

We are going on a quest together searching for answers to the following questions that are of basic importance to all of us. We recommend the topics both to women and men, parents (to-be), mental health- and birth professionals.

  • How do we form our realationships?
  • To whom and how do we attach?
  • Where are the roots of our difficulties with relationships?
  • How can we heal and prevent early birth- and bonding trauma; as adults or parents, as therapists or birth professionals?
  • How can we feel more balance, joy and harmony in our relathionships?

WHEN?        13-15 March 2015
WHERE?      Amsterdam, Active Health Center: Jakob van Lennepkade 372

Register HERE or contact me at info@juliakaradi.com.

At the INTRODUCTORY TALK (Fri 20:00-22:00), followed by an open discusson, you will learn about how the basic pattern of our attachment and bonding is formed in the pre- and perinatal period of our life: in the womb, during, and after the intense process of birth.

At the WEEKEND WORKSHOP  (Sat & Sun 10:00-18:00) you will have various opportunities to recognise, explore and heal own early, perinatal and birth experiences with the help of effective therapeutic tools like imagination and bodywork. The group’s two days carry many situations that help participants digest and process whatever experience emerged in them. Throughout the process everybody has the space to discover and understand as much of their related memories and feelings as they are ready to experience. Participants receive guidance regarding the expected processes and we also recommend methods for further elaboration.
Working with and understanding how our basic attachment patterns are reflected in our everyday relationships, helps to resolve our difficulties and develop further. Going through this journey may lead us to a feeling of reconnection, and enable us to live our life more free and accomplished.

The unique methodology and approach of the group has been developped throughout the past 15 years by Kati Orosz and a dedicated team of professionals, based on therapeutic work with the birth experience of adult individuals. Since the beginnings, over 600 people participated in the workshops in Hungary, Germany, Russia and Holland, and experienced its deep longterm healing impact on the mental-, emotional- and even physical levels.

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Prices & schedule:
FRIDAY 20:00-22:00 Introductory talk: 25€
SATURDAY & SUNDAY 10:00-18:00 Weekend workshop:  255€

Number of participants at the workshop is max. 10-14 so early reservations necessary!

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Your registration is only confirmed when payment has been received.

The group is given by Kati Orosz and two assistants, Zita S. Nagy and Julia Karadi. You can learn more about them below, in the BIO section.[/toggle]

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Kati Orosz (64) is a clinical psychologist, founder president of the Hungarian Transpersonal Psychology Association (1994), founder and manager of the Kheiron Center for Transpersonal Psychology and Education (2003). She is professional manager of the Perinatus Foundation that offers support for expectant couples, mothers and families by perinatal psychotherapy. Based on psychotherapeutic work with adult individuals – with her professional team – they have developed a new methodology for working with birth trauma in psychotherapy. Since 2007 the Perinatus Foundation has collected a lot of experience and evidence about the mental and physical effects of perinatal experiences on our everyday lives.
Kati studied mathematics, physics and pedagogy, and then graduated in psychology (1986). During her qualification training in clinical psychology she learned Jungian psychotherapy, hypnosis and other imaginative techniques. She received training in transpersonal psychotherapy from Dutch, English and American trainers, and has been giving workshops in perinatal psychology internationally. She was board member of the European Transpersonal Psychology Association. She is teaching at several Hungarian universities, and gives lectures at the postgraduate training of Perinatal Counselling.
She has been conducting meditation practice since 1971, she was founder of the Hungarian Thich Nhat Hanh community (2005) with the mentorship of Jan Boswijk. Since 1986 she has been constantly involved in eco-village projects.

Julia and Zita will be assistants at the workshop. They are both psychologists, colleagues and students of Kati, working together for several years within the professional approach and framework of the Perinatus Foundation.
Zita S. Nagy, Ph.D. (37) is teaching personality psychology at the university in Budapest and works as a neuropsychologist in the National Institute for Medical Rehabilitation.
Julia Karadi (30) lives and works in Amsterdam since 2011, providing perinatal support. She is organising, assisting and translating the workshop. She has invited Kati to share her special experience, knowledge and wisdom in Holland. [/toggle]