Counseling sessions
are meant for any stage of your process:

  • from before conception
  • during pregnancy
  • till years after giving birth.

Consultations can be helpful to resolve specific problems, difficulties that you face, or to support your natural process of transition, whereby crucial issues may be touched.  Working with your inner questions, doubts, uncertainties is the way to gain a deeper sense of understanding, clarity and balance within yourself and with your surroundings.

For you if you:

  • Have difficulties…
  • getting pregnant
  • with your relationship/partner.
  • Had a difficult or traumatic birth experience recently or years ago.
  • Have emotional problems, such as anxiety, tiredness, (postnatal) depression.
  • Want to prepare emotionally for giving birth or becoming a mother.
  • Want to strengthen your bond with your (unborn) child.
  • Want to process your own prenatal and birth experiences.
You can contact me for an initial consultation.
Duration of each session is 50 minutes.

During an introductory meeting we can get to know each other and take a look at the concerns and needs that brought you to my practice. After the first meeting you will have the time to feel and decide if this is the kind of support you were looking for. If you want to continue working together, depending on your needs, we discuss and agree on a specific framework.

I often suggest to start with a process of 5 sessions, after which there is space for evaluation and mutual feedback. Then you can decide if you want to continue further or close the process.

Costs are €65,- per consulting session.
If finances are an issue, please feel free to discuss options with me.