Every baby has a story to tell. Sometimes babies may have unresolved issues from the womb or the birth experience that they express by a specific baby body language and/or emotional expression, memory cry.

Often, when their story is heard with empathy, even physical symptoms may resolve, like –

  • colic,
  • inconsolable crying,
  • feeding or digestive problems,
  • difficulties with sleeping
  • eczema,
  • distress, etc.

The bond with parents may deepen by the experience of mutual understanding.

In this video you can find a more extended description of the field:

Birth from the Baby’s Perspective (10 mins)

Please feel free to contact me for a session of 1,5 hours at my practice with your baby and partner, if you are (or have been) –

  • going through difficulties, concerns with your baby
  • with your bonding to each other,
  • but also if all goes fine and you would be interested to hear your baby’s story and explore it together.