yogaPracticing yoga during your pregnancy is a wonderful way to support and adjust to the natural process of transformation that takes place on all levels. It is creating space for your trust and confidence to grow in the natural powers of your own body.

The regular practice of specific, gentle but powerful yoga postures can provide you fitness and well-being, strength and flexibility at the same time. Meditation, relaxation and deep breathing exercises help creating an inner space that allows a harmonious contact to grow and blossom with your transforming self and your baby.

Classes are offered 3 times a week at Thrive yoga studios, you can join any time during your pregnancy.

  • Tuesday       —  18:30-19:45  —  Zeeburg  (Sumatrakade 1)
  • Wednesday —  18:30-19:45  —  IJburg       (IJburglaan 961)
  • Friday          —  11:30-12:45   —  Zeeburg

For prices and registration, please visit Thriveyoga website.