It is all about “to surrender”. In her yoga class Julia taught me how to surrender to being pregnant, to deliver a beautiful son and to becoming a mom. I look back on a wonderful experience!
Ilona, pension consultant
I am extremely grateful to Julia whose birth preparation course made it possible for me to give birth to a 4,5 kilo baby in the most natural way, without any pain medication. Julia was the one who made me look differently at epidural that I was taking for granted and inspired me with the magic of giving birth. She also gave me very practical tips on how to activate my natural painkillers (my own endorphins and oxytocin hormones) and it really helped! Thanks to Julia I didn’t have fear of giving birth, but instead was looking forward to getting this magical experience!
Marina, marketing manager
I found the exercises very relaxing and easy to continue at home. I also loved the little meditations in between. Because of the birth preparation course I had the confidence and knowledge to make a birth plan out of things I prefer, not out of things that can go wrong. I really appreciate that.
Maartje, study advisor
When I found out I was pregnant, I knew right away that I wanted to attend some pregnancy classes and give my pregnancy, my body, the proper attention. At the time I din’t know it was going to be so special. The first thing Julia said to us was: ‘I am not going to teach you how to give birth, because your body already knows that.’ The yoga class brought me 1,5 hour of positive energy. Every Friday, when I sat amongst the other pregnant ladies, I felt very safe in between those pregnant belly’s. The exercises were fine-tuned to our needs, so we could bring them into practice straight away. I had a lot of backache and the yoga helped me so much with that problem. I learned a lot of practical and specific things about giving birth; hormones and what they do, positions and how your partner can help you. And most of all I learned to have faith in the capabilities of my body. I gave birth to a son and it was a wonderful experience.
Iris, actrice