couple_pregnant_bellyAs a doula I can assist you and your partner before, during and after your birth by providing informational, emotional and physical support.

During your pregnancy I will meet you to get to know each other and explore your wishes, needs and options for your birth. I find it important that by the time of your birth, all your questions are answered, worries resolved, feelings and thoughts are listened to. My support will be tailored to your needs.

During your birth I will stand by your side from the time you call me till after your birth, providing continuous labor support according to your needs, by encouragement, positioning, massage, acupressure, or other natural pain relief techniques, helping you and your partner to make informed decisions if necessary.

After your birth I will meet you to support your process of transition and recovery by any way that is needed, whether it is massage, emotional support, encouragement or sharing and processing your birth experience.

babyYou can contact me for an intake session at your home or at my practice. After the first meeting you and your partner will have the time to feel and decide if this is the kind of support you were looking for. If not, I will refer you further to other doulas. A mutual sympathy, a ‘click’ is essential between the doula and the couple to work together.

Costs are €750 that includes

  • an intake session free of charge to get to know each other,
  • 3 prenatal meetings,
  • being on call 24 hours from week 38 of your pregnancy,
  • continuous labor and birth support,
  • a postpartum visit

Additional appointments can be booked, €45 per session (1,5 hours).
If finances are an issue, please feel free to discuss options with me.